The Arvada Crime Report - October 26th: Reported crime remains lower than average, for second week

Written on 10/27/2020

The Arvada Crime report looks at the crime reported to the Arvada Police Department each week. On Monday, we publish a snapshot of the crimes reported during the previous week, along with statistics and patterns.

The following crimes were reported to the Arvada Police Department during the week of October 19th - October 25th:

  • Assault: 6
  • Burglary - Residential: 2
  • Drugs & Narcotics Violation: 2
  • DUI: 2
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 6
  • Robbery: 2
  • Theft & Shoplifting: 29
  • Traffic Crashes: 8

Total Reported: 57*

Repeat Crime Areas: The following areas of Arvada were the location of two or more of the above listed crimes this week:

  • 5000 Block of Kipling Street
  • 5700 Block of Ward Road
  • 6400 Block of Sheridan Blvd
  • 9400 Block of Ralston Road

If you have been the victim of a crime in Arvada, please know that the Arvada Police Department offers the community the option to report many crimes through their online system. To view a list of available crime types that can be reported online and to begin a report, click here.

*Total reported only includes crimes that have been documented and publicly published in the above listed catagories. Other crimes such as sexual assaults are not included in these statistics.

Source: Data is retrieved from Community Crime Map, provided LexisNexis (