Digital Coupons

Written on 03/15/2018

The Arvada App is now accepting orders from local businesses to post digital coupons on all of our platforms.  Users of The Arvada App see digital coupons which they can use at your business through our “Redeem” feature or online using a “Promo Code”.

How It Works

  • As a business, you submit your digital coupon to The Arvada App
  • Your digital coupon is posted and available to users through the “Digital Coupons” section of The Arvada App

The Cost

We offer businesses three unique plans to post their digital coupons with The Arvada App

  • Single Coupon Plan: You submit a single digital coupon and will be billed $25.  Your digital coupon will be visible to users for 30 days, starting on the date you select.
  • Single Coupon Monthly Plan: You submit a single digital coupon which you can change and update at any time.  Your coupon will remain on all of our platforms for as long as you maintain your plan.  This plan is billed monthly at $19.

Get Started - Marketing Options

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