Special Offer for Businesses

Written on 04/27/2018

Now through the end of May, we will post a digital coupon and/or Happy Hour promo for your business for 30 days, in exchange for a $25 Gift Card to your business.  This is a great opportunity for local businesses to test out the marketing options available to them on The Arvada App.  Once we receive your gift card, we will then create an online giveaway, so your gift card will end up going to a user of The Arvada App.

What Next

  1. Visit the Marketing section of The Arvada App and add a digital coupon and/or Happy Hour
  2. Enter promo code “GIFT CARD” on the billing section and submit
  3. Mail your gift card to us at PO Box 1554 – Arvada, CO 80001

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at info@KAMMedia.net

Have a great day!

The Arvada App Team