October Rocked!! #DrinkEatPlayArvada

Written on 11/01/2018

You are AWESOME and thank you for using The Arvada App.  When I first started this project, I wanted to create a fun mobile app where residents, vistors and businesses could all come together on an easy to use platform.  With this goal in mind, I teamed up with two friends and we launched The Arvada App live on the App Store and Google Play on March 21, 2018 and it has been a great adventure so far.  October marked a huge month for The Arvada App platform;

  • Surpassed 1,000 likes on our Facebook page @ArvadaApp
  • The Arvada App has now been downloaded onto more than 1,800 devices
  • Over 7,600 page views during October

Each time our Facebook page gets a new "like" and every day when our "new downloads" number is reported, it truely brings a smile to my face and I cannot express how happy I am to see our project being used.  

The Arvada App is excited to continue our FREE marketing tools for Arvada businesses.  To take advantage of any of these free marketing tools, simply visit the Marketing section on The Arvada App!


  • Digital Coupons: Post up to (3) digital copouns on The Arvada App for free.  Want to offer an exclusive deal with a limited numbder of available offers?  Through The Arvada App, a business can post a digital coupon with a limited number of available redemptions.  As users redeem your offer at your business, your staff simply clicks the "Redeem" button and once your available redemptions have been used, the offer is automatically removed from the platform. 
  • Events: Each month we add a full list of events happening in Arvada onto the platform.  Adding in your events is simple, just send us the Facebook link or add an event maunally.  This is also a great place for local schools to place thier fundraiser nights at local restaurants.
  • Happy Hour Promos: Post your daily Happy Hour Promotions to The Arvada App so users can see what happy hours are near them
  • Third Tuesday: On the Third Tuesday of every month, we partner with local businesses to provide users of The Arvada App with exclusive offers.  A huge shout-out to our current business partners and their offers.  If your business wants to participate, just send an email my way (marples@kammedia.net)
    • Odyssey Beerwerks: BOGO Beers
    • The Cereal Box Inc: BOGO Lattes
    • 5340 Coffee & Events: Free breakfast burrito or pastry with $5 purchase