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The Cereal Box, Inc.

5709 Olde Wadsworth Blvd Olde Town Arvada

Third Tuesday Partner: Visit The Cereal Box, Inc. on August 21st, to take advantage of BOLO Lattes. See the special offer on the Third Tuesdays section of Digital Coupons.

Goodbye, boredom.

We believe in cereal, candy-colored milk and toys in the box. Free wi-fi and a solid sweet tooth. In forgetting all that adult stuff like bills, board meetings and blah blah blah.

That’s why we built The Cereal Box, a place with more than 150 cereals from around the world, a variety different toppings, gallons of crazy milk, and shelves of collectible vinyl toys. It’s a place where you can build your dream bowl and binge watch Saturday morning cartoons, even if it’s a Tuesday afternoon.

So, ditch your dusty, old Bran ‘n’ Fiber O’s, and join us in destroying boredom. It’s time to think inside the box and let your inner child run wild.